Transformers high resolution pictures


Not another transformers wallpaper. These are full figure mechanical machines from the soon coming movie ‘Transformers‘. Get them all from Director Michael Bay’s blog.


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21 Responses to Transformers high resolution pictures

  1. Uncle Su says:

    hi ebin, how do you put the digg buttons on a blog? will you teach me?

  2. Manuel says:

    Eh… those are no trasnformers, neither the ones in the movie. Those are figures made of junk, we have an artist that does that kinda things here in Argentina.
    Definetly, not a tranformer.

  3. wafi says:

    Thanks for the high quality pics for Transfoermers … i really liked them alot … thanks again ebin …

  4. Daniel says:

    Thank you very much. the pictures are really awsome.

  5. Man. Those pictures are cool. If only I had those games at my house, I’ll play them my whole life. So breath-taking. Please send me the game if you have it. Thnx.

  6. Peter says:

    Great ransformer pictures, I really liked them! Thanks

  7. cellozart says:

    nice…but looks more like 3D-made… i kinda expect more real like in the movie…
    but overall…it’s nice!!

  8. than says:

    be more creative and realistic! duh..,! when i saw the movie from the beginning up to the end, its like “thats it?!, com’on you can do better than that!.” I mean.., the story is stupid.., the characters and even the animation..,! hello..,! so dumb..,!

  9. hoplite says:

    i like ’em

  10. ADHES says:

    its so funtastic .
    someday I want make robots…

  11. TJ says:

    cool. who said those are not real. they r the transformers

  12. murillo vieira dos santos says:

    very crazy this photos of TRANSFORMERS. I WANNA!!!!!!!!

  13. aLEXIA says:

    Hello…. the links are broken….

  14. Elijah says:

    sorry 2 burst ur bubble manuel but thoze r the real thing. hav u eva seen tha movie??? lol. i dont know what versionz u get over in argentina. =)

  15. SAURABH says:

    THEY R Cool I like them

  16. crak says:


  17. JOEL says:

    I really like those transformers!!!!!!!!!!! I love them. I wish they could be real and is so cool. Thanks Ebin

  18. saba says:

    მე მინდა ამ სატამაშოების ყიდვა

  19. roxi says:

    i really like transformers:xi love them i love bumblebee

  20. esdras says:

    starscream is baddass and i loveee transformers it is the illiest movie made

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