FREE – Brushed Metal Photoshop Style


Get this Photoshop style and apply to any layer to get the brushed metal effect instantly.

PS: To use this style, download the .asl file, then open styles window in Photoshop, click on the drop down menu and select ‘load styles…’ and browse to the .asl file.

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36 Responses to FREE – Brushed Metal Photoshop Style

  1. jr says:

    where & how do i get metal styles/effects as plug-ins & add them-up to photoshop 7?

    please advise

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  3. huda says:

    Thanks 4 da information

  4. haydara says:

    thanks alot for this brush metal
    thanks agin

  5. Azeri boy says:


  6. Philip Simpson says:

    How did you get the “sunken text” style?

  7. A.u.nomani says:

    Hello ,

    Thanks for the effect its really great.

    Can anybody please tell me what font used in this photo



  8. alexia says:

    thanks! useful!

  9. djamster says:

    think you very match centinue like that
    oh i forgot yuor website is fantastic

  10. This is a very clean GUI! Thanks for sharing.

    Lautus Design

  11. Farshad says:

    Thanks a lot!

  12. Technista says:

    Thank you for the freebie, I’ve already tested it and it works beautifully! I will make good use of it.

  13. senthil says:

    i dont get the effect wen i use this style….
    i loaded this style in photoshop…but wen i use ,it wont produce that effect (which is in the photo above)…please reply

  14. Tommy says:

    good style 😀

  15. Dr. Ink says:

    will u please tell me how u got ur letters to look like that?

  16. barbara says:

    nice and clean! tha!

  17. linuxer says:

    thanks your brush bro..!

  18. TROLL says:

    where the style? where the tuto?…….. the link is out……. please check this men………

  19. Reza Khalili says:


    It seems the download link at the top for the Photoshop *.ASI file is broken!

    Can you refresh, provide a new link or send me a copy please?

    Many thanks,

  20. iglobtech says:

    download link Gives error: Server not found

    i cannot find the download link, can you please check?

  21. ေနသာ says:

    Thanks I like that brush.. 🙂

  22. Mu He says:

    Hey Ebin,

    Would you please make a tutorial about how to make this image? People like it a lot!

  23. Oleg says:

    Please let us know, how do such a picture as you have it !!! Everyone wants to know !! Or at least help us where to search for the answer.

  24. Pankaj kumar says:

    hey thanx bro, if I go ahead in life I shall surely hire you. Sorry if I may sound rude or arrogant, I dont intend to do so.its just that i really appreciate your work, thanks again.

  25. vedat says:

    Thank You. Excellent

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