FREE – Copy Screen Cheat-sheet Dashboard Widget For OS X

eBin Copy Screen Cheet-sheet Dashboard Widget

Mac OS X comes with useful built-in screen copy (screen capture) function. With different combinations, you can copy entire screen or selected area into clipboard or into PNG file. However I found that these combination are not quite easy to remember. I have to either write it somewhere and refer it back from time to time, or I have to open Keyboard Shortcuts pane in System Preferences and look for the combinations.

Generally the copy screen shortcuts are:

  • CTRL+SHIFT+CMD+3 – copy screen into clipboard
  • CTRL+SHIFT+CMD+4 – copy selected area into clipboard
  • SHIFT+CMD+3 – copy screen into file
  • SHIFT+CMD+4 – copy selected area into file

Even with the list shown above, it still takes time to convert into actual keyboard combo…

Finally, here comes the keyboard like visual cheat-sheet dashboard widget! Just open dashboard widget and you’ll see all the combinations.

Download – Copy Screen Cheat-sheet dashboard widget

For those who still prefer to own a hardcopy printed version cheat-sheet, here you go:


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