How to turn your photo into movie-like effect using Photoshop?


What you need to have: Adobe Photoshop
What you will learn: colour mood adjustments + depth of field effect + film effect
PS: ⌘ key for Mac users / CTRL key for Windows users

Colour mood adjustments

1. Adjust the Hue/Saturation: ⌘U/CTRL-U



2. Adjust the brightness and contrast: Menu > Image > Adjustments > Exposure…



Depth of field effect

3. Duplicate current active layer by dragging it to the ‘create a new layer’ button located at the bottom of Layer window.



4. Apply lens blur on the new layer on top: Menu > Filter > Blur > Lens Blur…
Adjust according to your own preference.



5. Click on the ‘add layer mask’ button at the bottom of Layer window. Then click and select the ‘Layer mask thumbnail’ (the white rectangle).


6. Select brush tool(b), set the master diameter to 400px. Then choose the focus point in the photo and click on it.




Film effect

7. Create a new layer by clicking the ‘create a new layer’ button located at the bottom of Layer window.


8. Fill the new layer with black colour: reset colour to default black & white (d), switch black colour to background (x), fill the layer (⌘-del/CTRL-backspace)

9. Set the opacity of the black layer to 70% by pressing ‘7’


10. Use erase tool(e), set the master diameter to 400px. Then start erase the center of the photo.



11. Flatten the image: Menu > Layer > Flatten Image and add noise: Menu > Filter > Noise > Add Noise…



Cinemascope (optional)

12. Add black bars on top and bottom of photo and it’s done!
Use Rectangular Marquee Tool(m) to select (drag) upper part of photo, hold the shift key and select the bottom part, fill with black colour (⌘-del/CTRL-backspace)


You can also add an extra step to twist the colour into this mood by using ‘Color Balance'(⌘B/CTRL-B). Drag the slider towards cyan and blue for Shadows, Midtones & Highlights.

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527 Responses to How to turn your photo into movie-like effect using Photoshop?

  1. Benigal says:

    Thanx a lot for this tut dude. i ve been looking for this

  2. ebin says:

    I’ll be posting more useful tutorials from time to time. 🙂 Subscribe to this blog if you don’t want to miss them.

  3. Claudia says:

    fantastic! thanks a lot. you’re bookmarked.

  4. Pete White says:

    Cheers man really good tutorial, just tried it on a couple of pictures and they look ace!

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  9. Great tutorial! I will surely use this! Thanks!

  10. denilw says:

    Great effect. Thanks for the tip.

  11. john dooe says:

    Cool, why not make a litle action to people to download?

  12. qureyoon says:

    this is very nice !

    thanks for sharing ^^

  13. Sakimichi says:

    Loved the effect~!

  14. ebin says:

    Many people visited this blog after and linked to this tutorial.
    I’m glad that you guys can actually make use of this tutorial and apply it onto your own artwork. You can also contact me or leave a comment if you are wondering how to create certain effect that you have seen in somewhere.

  15. freshcut says:

    very nice!

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  18. Deez nuts says:

    yah, i just tired these on a photo, did not work. your directions suck, dude!

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  20. sameer says:

    this is a very cool effect.

    thankx for sharing.

  21. Ivan Minic says:

    Very cool effect!

  22. wilfried says:

    très sympa, merci !

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  28. Jupiter says:

    Such a cool effect

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  33. K4c2m4r says:

    Nice one, thanks might come in handy, after my trip to Egypt 😉

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  36. Adrian G. says:

    Awesome tutorial, worked well with my test pic only I wish I had blurred it a bit less.

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  41. DS says:

    Hi, veeeery nice tutorial… i have problems with step 10… maybe my image is too big…?, anyway.. is it too much to ask if you do the tutorial again and post it in youtube… (yep a video turorial…) hehehe THANKS.

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  43. joebob says:

    This is pretty cool… Is there anyway to apply this effect on an entire video?

  44. Rosario says:

    I’m using Adobe Photoshop 7.0, but I’m not seeing “Exposure”… ?

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  46. Jared says:

    Step #6 Should brush mode should be set to difference or exclusion?

  47. chris says:

    Nice one. I love stuff like this, HDR in HL2, DSLR cameras etc. Thanks heaps, I’m adding that rss.

  48. Javier says:

    Hey there! That’s a great tutorial, so much that it’s almost 4 AM and I had to try my hand at it! Here’s the result; I used a picture from last year’s trip to Toronto. What do you think? I think it came out pretty decent!

    Javier / The Outsider’s View –

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  50. Gavin says:

    Just wanted to add that this is totally possible in the gimp, even for an amateur.

  51. g sobers says:


    PS 8 had no Image>Adjustment>Exposure option!

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  54. ebin says:

    DS: If your photo is very big, you need to make the erase tool bigger by hitting ‘]’ before click to erase, adjust and test until you satisfy with the result.

    • Sooraj Mathews says:

      Hi Ebin,
      Could you be more specific on step 6. When I choose the focus nd click on it, nothing happens.
      Is there something that had to be done in between??


  55. ebin says:

    Rosario: Photoshop earlier than CS2 has no Exposure feature. However you can try using ‘Brightness and Contrast’.

  56. ebin says:

    Jared: Since I am not sure what is ‘difference’ and ‘exclusion’ you mean, I’m just gonna tell you that the brush should be BLACK color in the layer mask thumbnail.

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  58. Mike says:

    Hi and thanks very much for the great tutorial! I used it to great effect on this photo:
    Still from a nonexistent film

    I put a link to the tutorial there too, in the comments.

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  60. Bones says:

    Ciao Ebin!
    I found your tutorial so useful, I made a little action to automate most of the effects you describe. I just added a couple of tweaks to it: on a particular point you tell the users to flatten the image. I applied a Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E action instead, making a copy of all existing layers and then merging those!. At the end of the process, when you describe how to apply a blue filter to the resulting image, I added a simple “duplicate layer” action, so the effect is put on a new image instead of the original. I think it’s best this way, what do you think?

    You may find the action on my site 🙂 Enjoy!

  61. Javier says:

    Hey ebin! I think you missed my comment, but can you tell me what you think of the results I got on my photograph? Thanks a bunch!

    Javier / The Outsider’s View –

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  63. Great tutorial. Thank you! 🙂

  64. Pingback:

  65. Wow, this is great! Nice job. I’ll be adding your site to my

  66. Damien says:

    Mine seems to go wrong at the Depth of Field, seems not to work….(nothing happens when using brush tool)

  67. Steven says:

    What version of Photoshop Elements is this tutorial in? I am currently using Photoshop Elements 5.0

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  71. Vlad says:

    Very cool method.
    I suck at Photoshop, but I just wanted to show off my pup’s picture after the film effect treatment:

  72. Allan says:

    Fantastic!! Great job! Been wondering how they do it

  73. StarCraft 2 says:


    nice tip, thanks

  74. tech says:

    😀 ohh my god

    i feel like a Steven

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  76. Vel says:

    ok welli have tried 2 pictures now and they come out looking dark as all hell, im following the steps exactly…

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  78. JPH says:

    Great tips – thanks.

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  81. DUncan says:

    Huzzah! It’s the “make everything i do look like something out of lord of the rings” tutorial…

    shall still be doing it shortly to see how my pictures turn out. thanks.

  82. Ian says:

    Whenever I do this on the exposure step my picture is way too dark. I am doing a picture of me when I am standing outside and I can’t even see my face or half of the picture.

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  86. yh says:

    Tried my absolute best to apply this directions word for word and did not succeed. I think it could be re-written just a little better.

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  88. Canon says:

    I tried this tuturial and I liked it!

    this is before:
    this is after:

    Thank you!

  89. pyrotec says:

    Amazing can’t wait to try this! ~BookMarked~

  90. John A. Logan says:

    would be great if you could come up with a Action Script for that.

  91. Pixelbox says:

    Very nice tutorial. Thanks!

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  93. mike says:

    thanks for the nice tip. i just worked on some of my photos. voila! it changed the whole thing! keep it up!

  94. Brent says:

    Thats this came in very handy and helped me with some of my picture in my album and they look really nice thanks to this article.

  95. SP100 says:

    How about a tutorial on creating a Soap Opera effect like Day of our lives or any US daytime soap opera…

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  97. Scott says:

    Very very cool. Props for the site not going down because of the Digg effect.

    Could you maybe post the same howto for GIMP?

  98. Syafrizal says:

    This is a very cool tips. I like it.

  99. brad says:


  100. Although nifty, and a really helpful tutorial for those so inclined, all of these effects aren’t really required to make your photos look like stills from a movie. It really depends on what you’re photographing. For instance, the name of my company is LetterboxTen because of the cinematic effect my images have. Of course there is post processing, but I don’t use any crazy manipulated methods to produce my photos. Check it out if you want.

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  104. Myst3 says:

    I need help~ i tried to follow your step by step procedure. Realised, when i wanted to go to Menu > Image > Adjustments > Exposure…, I couldn’t find the exposure selection, why?? I’m using photoshop 7.0. is there some application i need to downloaded from?

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    Very nice, thanks so much 🙂

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  115. gethimrich says:

    Here’s my attempt on an image of Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts:

    comfortable lead

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  120. Very nice effect, and very simple to tweak for different styles.

    Here’s my first two attempts with it:

  121. Joe Blow says:

    This tutorial might as well be titled, “How to turn a good-looking photograph into a crappy-looking photograph.”

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  126. Fubi says:

    Great tutorial! Looking forward for more 🙂

  127. Works great… I think it would work great at a template, and not an action. If one has diffent sizes pictures….

    here are my results.

  128. mrBlaQ says:

    Step one should read ‘rotate photo 2 degrees counter clockwise’

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  132. clpo13 says:

    Excellent tutorial. I had to tweak it a bit for my photos, but other than that, the general idea worked wonders. I just wish I had some pictures it would look good on.

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  134. Clint says:

    Thanks for this… it gave me some good ideas. Check out my blog to see my attempts.


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  144. mars says:

    very nice tutorial though I also have the problem at step #6. when I click on the photo by having the brush activated nothing’s happening. could you please give som help?

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  148. Cobalto says:

    It’s don’t work for me TT
    I can’t put focus on my image!!!!

    Ohhhh gosshhh!!!

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  150. direkt2000 says:

    Great tutorial thanks!

    Looking forward for more stuff from you!!!!!!

  151. taximohali says:

    Good One Dude !
    Keep it up.

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  153. ebin says:

    For those who would like to get this effect done in GIMP, go to Gimpology

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  156. Paul says:

    Nice technique – will certainly give it a try.
    – Paul @

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  159. zcgt21 says:

    esta bueno esto

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  161. Peter says:

    I wonder how this would look on actual DV-footage using the same steps in After Effects or similar.

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  164. ugur says:

    Very nice tutorial.

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  167. jon says: are you .tis a good barmh soma tank you az plz for me sand meil bye bye all

  168. Fukkad says:

    Great tutotrial. Thanx A LOT!

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  170. Martin Sorensen says:

    just great! thanks a lot from germany!

  171. shahoo says:

    thanks… great tut.
    hoping for more good things pal.

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  173. Josh Sackett says:

    Here is my attempt. I manipulated a picture I took while in Paris a couple of months ago:

    Building Before
    Building After

  174. mtrx says:

    süper bişey bayıldım!!tebrik ederim harika!! bende yapıcam böyle bişey:):):):)

  175. crimon says:

    nice tutorial

  176. crimon says: , uploaded my pictures to deviantart (with your tutorials with full credits) :p
    thx for this awsome tutorial

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  180. Edu says:

    Oh man…what a tut !!! Just made me clinch a great advertising deal. Thanks a bunch man…

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  182. No clue how I missed this. It’s a great effect. Definitely not boring and definitely something I’m going to try in the future. Thanks!

  183. Pingback: link: nice little tutorial on converting images to film-like effect - Simonas Nareckas blog

  184. Matthew says:

    Great tutorial! Thanks a bunch Ebin!

  185. Newbie says:

    This tutorial rocks!

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  187. seraphangel says:

    wow, that’s a nice tutorial, gonna try it out on some of my photos 🙂

  188. justme123 says:

    do u have a tutorial that turns movie-like-effects into pics??

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  191. schwab says:

    Hey, Am having problems with step #6. Whenever I try to click the photo using that brush (400px and normal mode), it always shows a white light. I know that its suppose to be transparent but its not. Help me please. Am using CS2.

  192. Tom hanks says:

    Thsi is great! it works with video too!

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  196. kangtin says:

    how do you do step 6. I cant make it beocme focus

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  198. Bela says:

    Very much likde the effect, made an Action for Phhotoshop.
    You can download it here:

    Thanks for the Tutorial!

  199. Dell says:

    A nice, simple, clean and clear tutorial. Thanks much for this.

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  201. wang says:

    You can also use this technique applied to Filmstrip files in Photoshop, which can then be imported into After Effects for use in full motion video

  202. dan says:

    Great tutorial! Keep up the good work.

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  204. Young says:

    Oh my god, nice!

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  210. Carlos says:

    Great tutorial dude 😉


  211. Fábio says:

    Muito bom, fazia tempo que eu procurava um tutorial como esse…Parabéns
    Very good, it did time that I searched a tutorial as that…Congratulations

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  213. alifya says:

    its fantastic.thus any 1 know a website frm which i could download {adobe photoshop}if yes then contact me … ID

  214. Yoda Poster says:

    I’ll have test this, looks cool

  215. g47o says:

    ooo yeha :D, gracias por el tutorial

  216. dmknom says:

    Nicely done, I’ll try this with TheGimp but using a filmgrain effect instead of noise, and vignetting with gradients, there is even a plugin that blurs the image accordingly to a source gradient it’s called “focus blur” or fblur.

  217. Darrell Barrett says:

    Which version of Photoshop is this? I’m using Photoshop 7 and I cannot find many of these options.

  218. Mrvibe says:

    Great Effect, some photos just get a new life. thanks

  219. Very useful and informative blog. Recommended for all to see.

  220. hlcno says:

    Very cool. I tried this in after effects and was able to pull off the same effect on video.. very nifty.

  221. Tobin says:

    good work

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  224. Sara says:

    It works in other versions of photoshop too, but you have to get a bit creative.. But, still, love the effect!

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  229. Ján Varhol says:

    Thanks, a great resource and inspiration. Keep making tutorials like this.

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  231. shortbus says:

    i am using photoshop 7.0 i cant find were the Exposure or someothers help please

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  233. Ross Parker says:

    Messing about on Photoshop, with this technique. End result:

    Not as great as I was hoping, but will fiddle.

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  236. Irfan abid says:

    splendid tutorial!!!

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  238. weblinker says:

    very nice
    added to

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  240. John Lush says:

    Thanks for this. Just was I was looking for! Faved.

  241. viscido says:

    Thanks for this tutorial!!

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  245. hafreze says:

    hye, this is a great tutorial. I had made a video tutorial based on yours. exactly following your techniques..thanks!

  246. steve says:

    Well this is excellent. I will try this now…

  247. Great article. A little to beet complicated but for sure I should try this.

  248. Timothy says:

    Nice! You gave me great new ideas! 😉 Thanks!

  249. Shelby says:

    yaaaay! this is awesome. i made this picture of me wearing a sombrero and takin a shot look like a movie still!

  250. mehdi says:

    very nice ….
    thank you for nice work …

  251. Pingback: Eric

  252. Haroh says:

    i really love this. thanks for posting.
    You are a really big help on student graphic artist like me.
    God Bless and more power!

  253. No Name says:

    This is a very cool tips. I like it.

  254. Agilius says:

    Interesting effect. It’s quite a nice outcome. Keep it up.

  255. Tim says:

    That is a very nice effect. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  256. great tip – i’ll be using that soon.

  257. angel says:

    thanks alot bro. this is really cool.

  258. andrej says:

    Thanks for sharing! I might use it sometime.

  259. Mike says:

    This is wonderfull. Many thanks!

  260. naisioxerloro says:

    Good design, who make it?

  261. adrian says:

    Cool effect and I’m trying it out right now. The current settings in this tut may not work as good on the image your using. It all depends on the image. The setting stated here are too dark for my pic.

  262. Great tutorial – exactly what I needed for the latest project!

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    3.Convert it to avi again
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    what should i do?
    sorry for my eng – i’m from russia 🙂

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    Could someone please tell me how to do it? Or if there’s anything missing in Ebin’s explanation? I know it’s a very silly thing but I can’t do it and I’d be very grateful if you could give me a hand 🙂

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    Hi, for those people that say that this doesnt really work for them when it comes to exposure part: think! of course not every photo will work with same setting, what are you trying to achieve with exposure is more vivid whites and darker blacks, try going around 0.6 with exposure and fine tune to make white parts vivid, then with offset try ro darken the black parts, dont play much with gamma setting, it ruins color. slightly(10-20) left or right will do but no further.
    And also if you try to achieve the bluish effect thats shown at bottom of tutorial but it doesnt really work for you then do what i did, switch to CMYK mode, select your image layer, go to levels, from drop down menu choose cyan, then play with midtones slider, about 25% to the right should give you the effect, cheers and good luck with it, also for author: great tutorial man.

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  446. Stephen says:

    Having some issues with this – I think I’ve got the steps down, but the blacks are to dark and especially at the exposure step, the photos I’m trying this on get far too “moody” if you will.

    Any tips?

    Stephen –

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    but however, i use the same photos which is on the top, the results totally same like ‘after effects’

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