Unlock the potential of Spotlight

Cult of Mac posted a video showing how to use Mac OS Spotlight to its full potential.

Apps of the day – Text Writer

Text Writer icon

Tired of moving cursor to precise place when using iPhone Notes? Wish there are easy copy-past buttons? Seek no more, Text Writer knows your pain. Apart from these wonderful pain killers, this simple text editor is not only easy to use, it also comes with Home & End button which I found myself using frequently during typing but missing in Notes. As a bonus, the mail button there will send your text straight to the Mail app for sharing too. Typing has never been easier with Text Writer. (Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.)

One thing to point out though, there are still some bugs when using arrows.

Tips: It is FREE now until April 2. Grab it now!

Text Writer screenshot


FREE – Copy Screen Cheat-sheet Dashboard Widget For OS X

eBin Copy Screen Cheet-sheet Dashboard Widget

Mac OS X comes with useful built-in screen copy (screen capture) function. With different combinations, you can copy entire screen or selected area into clipboard or into PNG file. However I found that these combination are not quite easy to remember. I have to either write it somewhere and refer it back from time to time, or I have to open Keyboard Shortcuts pane in System Preferences and look for the combinations.

Generally the copy screen shortcuts are:

  • CTRL+SHIFT+CMD+3 – copy screen into clipboard
  • CTRL+SHIFT+CMD+4 – copy selected area into clipboard
  • SHIFT+CMD+3 – copy screen into file
  • SHIFT+CMD+4 – copy selected area into file

Even with the list shown above, it still takes time to convert into actual keyboard combo…

Finally, here comes the keyboard like visual cheat-sheet dashboard widget! Just open dashboard widget and you’ll see all the combinations.

Download – Copy Screen Cheat-sheet dashboard widget

For those who still prefer to own a hardcopy printed version cheat-sheet, here you go:

Things You May Not Know About iPhone Camera

There are tons of camera related apps out there but I am not going to talk about those here.

Anti shake

We all know that snapping a photo by touching the iPhone screen will somehow create a slight shake thus cause the photo become blur easily. However there’s a workaround. iPhone camera apps does not snap the photo when you ‘touch’ its capture button, it snaps only when you ‘release’ it. So by holding the capture button, wait for the perfect moment then release the button will let you snap a more stable shot.

Unique lens flare

Simple. Just point to any bright light source and snap. I don’t know what makes the lens flare this way, perhaps is the way iPhone lens constructed? Anybody care to explain?

Geo tagging

Make sure your iPhone’s location services is turn on for camera. To check, goto¬†Settings > General > Location Services:

You will notice a small purple arrow appeared on top of the screen in camera app. Allow iPhone built in GPS to detect your location, it will then store the location data in the photos you take. Note that if you are in a tunnel or building where no GPS signal available, you can still manually add in location info later on in iPhoto or similar application.

Have fun and share your creative shots in the comment!

FREE Carbon Fiber iPhone Wallpaper

Another freebies after the popular demand from the previous carbon fiber wallpaper post.

Screenshot of carbon fiber wallpaper on iPhone:

Download carbon fiber wallpaper for iPhone & iPhone 4

Carbon fiber texture 1
Texture 1
for iPhone
for iPhone 4
Carbon fiber texture 2
Texture 2
for iPhone
for iPhone 4
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